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Wellness Center

How BMC HealthNet Plan Encourages Wellness

Being or feeling well means having both a healthy mind and a healthy body.

BMC HealthNet Plan is dedicated to helping our members maintain healthy lifestyles and prevent disease. That’s why we’ve created a wellness program that gives members materials and tools to learn how to get and stay healthy. You’ll find lots of helpful tips and tools right here in our online Wellness Center!

BMC HealthNet Plan believes that everyone deserves to feel their healthiest! That’s why we teach not only our members, but everyone living in Massachusetts about how to take care of their health. For example, our team visits local schools to teach children how to eat right, get regular exercise, and wash their hands. We also work with community organizations on activities that promote exercise, such as walking events.

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Check out Your Guide to Wellness. You’ll find information on all of the tests and shots you should have, tips on eating right and exercising, signs and symptoms of health problems, and more.

By participating in wellness activities, particularly those related to eating right and getting plenty of exercise, you may enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better sleep
  • Greater energy
  • More physical strength
  • Less anxiety, depression, or stress
  • More confidence
  • Better mood
  • Be less likely to get ill
  • Plus, many more!