Request On-Site Orientation

We offer trainings for you and your staff through on-site visits, online or by conference call. You may also request customized presentations on topics of interest to help you and your staff work more effectively with BMC HealthNet Plan.

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Provider Education and Training

We offer training and education for providers and their staff on our policies and procedures, how to get paid most efficiently, and administering coverage and care to BMC HealthNet Plan members. See below for available training resources.

Medicaid ACO Training

A general overview of BMCHP’s ACO Program and some of the changes that will be taking place as a result of Medicaid ACO Reform changes that become effective March 1, 2018.


Pay for Performance (P4P) Program

Learn more about our P4P program, which focuses on closing gaps in care among members who have been identified as being serially non-compliant for the past one or two years. Please email us with any questions.