Nutrition and Physical Activity Screening Coding

BMC HealthNet Plan encourages you to conduct and document age appropriate counseling on an annual basis for nutrition and physical activity. Please use the following codes to document the activities during your patient encounters.  Appropriate coding may impact the records requested during future HEDIS reviews.

Description CPT ICD-9-CM Diagnosis
BMI Percentile V85.5  
Counseling for Nutrition 97802-97804
G0270, G0271, S9449, S9452, S9470
Counseling for Physical Activity

BMI Percentile:

Documentation must include height, weight and BMI percentile. Either of the following meets criteria for BMI percentile:;

  • BMI percentile
  • BMI percentile plotted on age-growth chart

Counseling for nutrition:

  • Discussion of current nutrition behaviors (.e.g., eating habits, dieting behaviors)
  • Checklist indicating nutrition was addressed
  • Counseling or referral for nutrition education
  • Member received educational materials on nutrition during face-to face visit
  • Anticipatory guidance for nutrition
  • Weight or obesity counseling

Counseling for physical activity:

  • Discussion of current physical activity behaviors (e.g. exercise routine, participation in sports activities, exam for sports participation)
  • Checklist indicating physical activity was addressed
  • Counseling or referral for physical activity
  • Member received educational materials on physical activity during a face-to-face visit
  • Anticipatory guidance for physical activity
  • Weight or obesity counseling