Diabetes Education Center

Whether you have been newly diagnosed with diabetes or you have lived with diabetes for a long time, the resources you will find in this toolkit can help you stay in control of your health and learn new tips to manage your diabetes on a daily basis. 

Understanding Your Diagnosis

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Our Health Education Center can help answer many of your questions about diabetes. 

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Types of Diabetes

types of diabetes

Learn about the three types of diabetes, and basic instructions about managing each type. 

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Living Well With Diabetes

live well with diabetes

You can live a normal life with diabetes if you take steps to keep yourself healthy. 

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Important Numbers to Know

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View the list of important numbers to stay on top of along with your target results.

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Goal Tracking Sheet

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This simple tool will help you track your goals and test results throughout the year.

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What Can Care Management Do For You?

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Our Care Management team is available to help members stay on track every step of the way. 

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Diabetes Calendar

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Includes reminders for important appointments, daily glucose tracking sheets and tips on staying healthy all year long.

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