Access information and resources necessary for prescribing medications to BMC HealthNet Plan members.

Check Drug Coverage

Before prescribing a prescription or over-the-counter medication, check to make sure it's covered by the member's plan. Search our 2020 and 2021 formularies. 

Prescription Fulfillment

Members are able to fill prescriptions through a:

  • Retail pharmacy: Select the member's plan from the Find a Pharmacy drop down menu on this page. Members can fill prescriptions at any pharmacy in the network.
  • Specialty pharmacy: Certain injectables and biotech drugs must be obtained through our specialty pharmacy network. Cornerstone Health Solutions is our preferred specialty pharmacy, but members may use any specialty pharmacy in our network. For more information, call Cornerstone Health Solutions at 1-844-319-7588.
  • Mail order pharmacy: Members can get a 3-month supply and save money on maintenance drugs by contacting our mail order pharmacy, Cornerstone Health Solutions, at 1-844-319-7588.

Prior Authorization and Clinical Guidelines

Easier Coverage Review Process Starting January 2021!

We are transitioning to a new Pharmacy Benefits Managers, Express Scripts. Starting January 1st, here is the new prior authorization (coverage review) process:

  1. Check the formulary to see if prior authorization is required for a medication.
  2. If you believe that it is medically necessary for a member to take a medication that is not covered by our pharmacy program, you may submit a coverage review request online through one of these ePA portals: Surescripts, CoverMyMeds, or ExpressPAth.
  3. If you do not have access to an ePA system, you may contact Express Scripts to submit your request.
  4. As always, please view our Clinical Policies before submitting your coverage review requests.

For providers of our Senior Care Options members: Vaccines are covered under both Medicare Part B and Part D. Learn more about vaccine coverage

Pharmacy Programs

We use a number of pharmacy programs to promote the safe and appropriate use of prescription drugs. All drugs that belong to a program have clinical guidelines (like current health condition) that must be met before the Plan will cover it. Drugs that belong to a pharmacy program are indicated on the BMC HealthNet Plan Formulary.

View our Pharmacy Programs.

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