Also known as telemedicine, telehealth is a growing trend that allows you to have appointments with your provider by phone or video. These may include routine medical appointments or appointments to discuss symptoms you are having.

Telehealth for Medical Needs 

Medical telehealth visits are covered by BMC HealthNet Plan if you use an in-network provider that offers telehealth appointments. Not all providers offer a telehealth option. To find out if your provider offers telehealth appointments, you should call their office and ask.


Telehealth for Behavioral Health Needs

Many therapists offer counseling sessions through telehealth. BMC HealthNet Plan covers telehealth appointments with in-network providers. If you have an established relationship with a behavioral health provider in our network, please call and ask if they offer appointments via telehealth. To find a behavioral health provider in our network, you can search our Provider Directory.

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