Commonwealth Care is ending on January 31, 2014

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Renew Your Commonwealth Care Coverage

Don’t lose all the great benefits and services you get from being a BMC HealthNet Plan Commonwealth Care member.

You must renew your Commonwealth Care benefits every year. By renewing your Commonwealth Care benefits, you can continue to be a BMC HealthNet Plan member. Renewal is not automatic. You must fill out an Eligibility Review Form to keep your benefits from running out.

Where do I get the Eligibility Review Form?

When you need to renew your coverage, MassHealth will send you an Eligibility Review Form. Return the completed form to the state as soon as you can. Or you can view the Eligibility Review Form here.

Questions? Need help filling out your Eligibility Review Form?

Call BMC HealthNet Plan at 877-957-5300, or call the Commonwealth Connector at 877-MA-ENROLL.