Healthy Rewards Card

Earn money for getting a 

yearly checkup with your doctor!

BMC HealthNet Plan Commonwealth Care members can now get a $55 Healthy Rewards Card just for getting their annual checkup from their primary care provider (PCP). Seeing your PCP for a yearly checkup is an important part of preventive health. It gives you and your doctor a chance to talk about your health concerns and to get any routine screenings and tests that you need.

Now, when you go to your PCP for your annual check-up, BMC HealthNet Plan will give you a $55 Healthy Rewards Card! This card is good toward health-related purchases at major and independent pharmacies, grocery stores, discount stores and where VISA cards are accepted. You can even use it for co-payments at your doctor's office.

You can use your Healthy Rewards Card for health-related items like contact lens solution, prescriptions, bandages, and/or first-aid supplies. See the full list of qualifying items.


  • Schedule a yearly checkup with your doctor.
  • Print a Healthy Rewards Card form.You can also call us for one at 877-957-5300.
  • Bring the form with you to your yearly checkup. Have your doctor or a staff member at the doctor’s office sign and date the form to show that the visit took place.
  • Make a copy of the form for your records.
  • Mail the completed form to the address shown on the form.

Important information about your Healthy Rewards Card

  • You must be a BMC HealthNet Plan member when you see your PCP and when we process your order.
  • You should get your Healthy Rewards Card within 4 – 6 weeks.
  • BMC HealthNet Plan members can get one Healthy Rewards Card during each benefit year (July 1 - June 30).
  • The card will be valid for approximately one year from the date we send it to you. There will be an expiration date on the card.